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Spriter and illustrator from Spain. Nintendo fan since forever and basically the reason I started drawing as well, so expect many fanarts from me. I also want to show sketches more often in the future.
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I hope you all have been well!

First things first, last weekend I worked on a 48-hours game jam doing most of the art for the game. The project itself was really fun, but in the end the time limit was too much for us and the build we released had very important game breaking flaws that made it impossible to have a normal playthrough from start to finish. If you'd like to check it out already you can do so, but I'm waiting for the programmer to iron the flaws before (mainly the fact that you start with 0 health and that game over doesn't trigger) so I can share it around proudly, and maybe even upload it here! If it didn't happen for some reason I'd still share the assets, though.

A month ago I shared here a list of all the games I finished this year with the intention to make a pixel challenge like on 2018 and 2019, but I have decided to take it slow and postpone that into next year. Instead, I want to finish my beastars collage in the coming days. I have drawn around 40 characters so far and I'd like to reach something between 50 and 60 before considering it finished. No characters from Beast Complex since I haven't read that yet, though. If you want, you can see me working on them under these speedpaints: Part 1 - Part 2

On other news I have been working on extra animations for @dimwiddy's LATKA this year and I want to keep doing more since they don't take me that long to do, but that's another reason why I wanted to postpone the pixel challenge.

I'd like to focus my 2021 on finding new job oportunities. I want to work on Illustration and pixel art for books, board games or videogames, so if you learn about some project looking for artists I'd love to know. I also intended to crowdfund a little project Super Mario-related once I finish drawing all the pieces. You can check it out on my deviantArt, but I plan to give more details anyways early next year anyways.

All in all, I got a bunch of small projects so I wanted to take the time to finish them. I like doing spontaneus stuff as well and I'm still open for art commissions so I might end up sharing some random drawings unrelated to what I mentioned here today, but at least now you know what to look forward to. If you read until here, thanks! And have a great day.

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