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Spriter and illustrator from Spain. Nintendo fan since forever and basically the reason I started drawing as well, so expect many fanarts from me. I also want to show sketches more often in the future.
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First of all, here's a quick link to the list I'm using to keep track of which games to pixelart next.

With that out the way, lots of stuff has been happening in these months. The end of the last year and start of this new one were pretty bumpy for personal reasons but things got much more calm in the next few months as I managed to focus more on building my illustration portfolio and working on pixelarts for my projects and other clients. But then during the spring I had a pretty nasty fall and had to stay still for almost two months. Thankfully the summer has been kind to me so far and I'm recovering well, being able to work and play again even if I need to be careful.

Anyways, what I wanted to express the most in this post is gratitude to the community here. Everytime I post my work on this site I receive a lot of support and it feels very encouraging. I work mostly for personal growth and to show appreciation for media I enjoy, but having that extra push is something that really helps me and reminds me of my early days at deviantArt (which is still there, but becomes less enticing to use with each update.)

Again, thank you all.

That moment back during the spring made me realize something though: I can't relay entirely on commissions for my income because there's some days where I won't be able to work for one reason or another, so I opened a Ko-Fi. If you have found joy in any way thanks to my artworks I'd love if you supported me, even if just once. I can assure you it would give me a boost of motivation, specially in those days where it's hard to get started with anything.

Apart from all of this, I have been working on various projects. First of all, DimWiddy's Latka. I moved from doing just animations for the MC to making sure that all the NPCs had at least one or two actions. It's been pretty fun since their designs are very varied and it feels like working on a high quality GBC project. I posted a few of them on my tumblr if you want to check them out! I usually hang out on the project's discord a lot too.

There's also a few personal projects I wanted to keep working on. Namely, my different OCs (I had two different settings I wanted to keep exploring, both visually and as a road to explore concepts ) and I also wanted to draw a card deck but have been postponing it a bit because of what happened at the end of last year. Hopefully I can get that done in the summer too. Early in the year I also started a short game project with some friends. We'd love to have it running someday too and share it here on newgrounds! And of course, the "pixelart from games I played" project is still running.

I'm looking forward to keep working on my illustrations and projects this year as I keep doing the pixelart characters on the side, so I hope you find it all interesting!

Feel free to leave me any suggestions if you'd like to see my art take any directions in particular, or go ahead and ask for a commission if you feel like it. See you all.


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